Dental Care Is Essential To Overall Health

Located on the western side of the stunning Oquirrh Mountains, just a short drive from Salt Lake City, Tooele, Utah is a thriving community of just over 22,000 people each as unique and diverse as the individual snowflakes that cover the tops of Oquirrh’s Flat Top Mountain peak.

Good overall health is essential to quality of life and longevity but what many people are unaware of is that good health and good dental health go hand in hand. Poor oral health affects your entire body and conversely, sometimes conditions native to one area of your body can affect the health of your teeth and gums, such as cancer, anemia, vitamin deficiencies, and other conditions. Regular checkups with you trusted dentist or oral care professional can combat the effects of health ailments that you are already aware of. They can also clue you in to possible causes of seemingly random oral health concerns. After all, individuals who take excellent care of their teeth are not typically afflicted with sensitive or bleeding gums. Early detection of many health problems can be done with regular checkups and visits with your local Tooele dentist. Many potentially severe or even fatal diseases can be detected with regular dental visits and treated before they reach their most life altering potential. Pregnancy, hemophilia, Lyme disease and many, many other medical conditions lead to changes in the body that impact the health and appearance of your mouth.

Conversely, poor dental health can affect areas of your body far removed from your mouth, in addition to the given warnings about poor oral care causing discolored teeth and bad breath. It has been repeatedly documented that poor dental care can lead directly to poor coronary health, even in otherwise healthy individuals. Doctors believe that the bacteria that is permitted to flourish in a neglected mouth enters your blood and can cause heart attacks, strokes, arrhythmias, and other severe conditions. It makes perfect sense. Everything that passes through your mouth is given access to the rest of your body. It is with the same principle that poor dental health has been linked to poor memory, dementia, and other neurological disorders. A direct correlation between tooth decay and memory loss has been cited by researchers time and again.

By schedule and honoring regular visits with your qualified Tooele dentist, you can rest assured that you are doing the best to ensure good health and good quality of life for yourself and your family.

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